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Notique ~ Note to self.

Notique ~ Note to self.

Stop, perceive, organize, plan, enjoy!

Why Notique? The aim of the rebranding is to build a strong, easily-recognizable brand with international reach. This new brand reacts to the ever-accelerating postfactual era, in which we are overwhelmed by technology and a multitude of visual stimuli. Notique offers the opportunity to escape this eternal rush, stop, calm your mind, transfer your thoughts and plans to paper, and take stock of what is truly important.

Note to self
Want to slow down? Put your thoughts on paper. "At Notique, we believe that for inner peace it's good to sort out your thoughts and organize your time. There's no better way to do this than to sit quietly over your diary, pad or calendar and think everything through. The fitting slogan 'note to self', in translation, 'write it down for yourself', aptly describes and accentuates this idea of the brand," explained brand manager, Lucie Skořepová.

We think of everyone
In addition to the traditionally offered titles, over 100 novelty options in various language adaptations can improve your mental well-being in the coming year. For example, the travel diary of the well-known Slovak traveler and author of the Travelistan website, Martin Navrátil. Don't miss the popular Krteček family collection, including a family diary and a planning calendar, or Kateřina Winterová's popular Fun Calendar full of gardening tips, old-fashioned stories and period texts. All gardening lovers will be delighted by the Cottage Diary, whose extra-large calendar will make life easier for seniors. And last but not least, the new year's range will be enriched with Warner Bros. licensed titles. In addition to the dated assortment, you will also find a number of unconventional notebooks suitable for every occasion in the Notique range.

Proper planning of activities is the key to success. Quiet your mind for a moment and take time for yourself. With Notique.

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