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I write, therefore I am

I write, therefore I am

Life in today's fast-paced era forces us to face many negative influences which have an undeniable effect on our psyche. Every day, we encounter a barrage of visual stimuli, a flood of status updates on social networks and countless text and audio messages. This constant flow of information can quickly lead to mental overload, reducing our ability to focus. The dazzling displays of our mobile phones and tablets don't help with this - quite the opposite in fact. In this article, we present several tips on how to effectively guard yourself against these influences and achieve greater satisfaction and peace of mind.


Do you have a headache? Put your thoughts on paper!
Although technology undeniably makes our lives easier in many ways, this direction of progress also brings certain negatives to which we as a society do not have time to adapt. We can mention, for example, the ubiquitous acceleration and pressure for performance, with which mobile phones and other digital devices, that have become a natural part of our daily lives are supposed to help us. However, without realizing it, the result of this symbiosis is often anxiety, stress and general discomfort. How to counter this? At Notique, we believe that the timeless way of writing on paper is the answer. Unlike a digital display, paper has a beneficial and often therapeutic effect on the human psyche. Taking notes naturally forces a person to slow down and allows them to immerse themselves in their own thoughts.

Calming paper
Confiding in a journal can be similar to confiding in a therapist. The moments when we sit over a page of paper are ours alone. These are times when we can take a breath, gather our thoughts and let them flow out at our own pace. This simple exercise can also help you feel better and realize your own happiness. Set aside just a few minutes each day, take a notebook or diary, and write down three things that made you happy during the day or moved you further along towards your goals. The more you write down, the easier it will be to find your way around yourself, your life and what happiness really means to you.

Paper or Word Processor?
Several studies have demonstrated the positive effect of taking notes on paper. For example, the results of some of them show that a group of people using a paper notebook showed increased brain activity related to memory, visual imagination and language than participants relying on electronic devices. People who took notes in a notebook were also significantly faster and more accurate when answering questions. So if you have an exam coming up or you want to improve your level of a foreign language, we highly recommend that you use a classic notebook when studying. With classic, paper-based notetaking, the skills that help us recall these notes are also improved. You can find the complete study here.

Planning as a path to contentment
The Roman philosopher Seneca famously said that "it is not that we have a short space of time, but that we waste much of it." Well, it's easy to talk about maximising our time, but how do we actually achieve it? Although it might seem like a cliché, proper planning of activities is the key here. Effective planning not only brings some order to your life, but also frees up time for you and your loved ones. Plan your time meaningfully with Notique diaries. We believe that even a hectic day, if we plan it well in our diary, can be managed calmly. That you can learn to be a diplomat. That circling the birthday of a loved one on the calendar will remind us how important it is to be together. In addition to the traditionally offered titles, over 100 novelty options in various language adaptations can improve your mental well-being in the coming year.

Notique. Note to self. Write it down for yourself.

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