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Design collection - diaries with style

Design collection - diaries with style

Design Collection. Two words you've been hearing from us a lot over the past few years. But what can you imagine when you read them? If you are one of our loyal customers, you might have already formed a picture. However, for those who are seeing them for the very first time this year, we would like to introduce this range to you. Let's start at the beginning, when such a collection was just a beautiful idea.


What actually is 'design'? The English word design is derived from the Latin 'designare', meaning 'to draw a plan'. Since the middle of the 20th century, when greater emphasis began to be placed on the appearance of products and advertising, it has spread to many languages, including Czech, in the narrower sense of the artistic design of utilitarian objects.

It is primarily the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or system. It can refer to both the activity of the designer and the resulting product of his activity. Good design in general includes several things, namely product shape, safety, usability, and respects technical and technological principles. Good-looking industrial products are often referred to as "design". And for us, this category is defined by our diaries.

Design can also involve considerable research, thinking, modeling and frequent re-design. Its goal is to connect the functional and aesthetic aspects of the proposed object or system as efficiently as possible. It therefore requires both technical and artistic skills and knowledge, and is now also closely related to promotion and advertising.


In our case, each diary from this collection is an original that we can call, without shame, a work of art worthy of adorning your desk. Over the years that we have been publishing these products, a number of famous names have passed through the collection, who are now considered at the pinnacle of the local art scene. Calendars and diaries have been prepared for us by, amongst others, Pavel Fuksa, Kateřina Kynclová, and Filip Hodas.

For this year's edition, we opted for simple but striking motifs that will catch your eye at first glance. You will find concrete shapes here, but also with some abstraction. Which one will be yours? You can explore the complete collection at

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