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THE LITTLE PRINCE shopping bag

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Purple shopping bag with the motif of the popular Little Prince.

The Little Prince printed foldable shopping bag will make you look amazing even with a big purchase. This practical bag is reusable and will become your everyday helper. The bag is folded into a small pouch, which when unfolded serves as a space to store various small items.

What will you enjoy about it?

- Takes up little space in your handbag
- Provides enough space for a large purchase
- Always close at hand
- It is reusable
- In trendy motifs
- Has long, wide enough ears to hang on the shoulder


SKU: A-8454
EAN: 8595054284541
Dimension (B×H×T): 450 x 725
Lizenz: The Little Prince
Obermaterial: 100% Polyester
Design: The Petit Prince

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