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Foldable shopping bag Mucha Zodiac

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Practical foldable shopping bag printed with the motifs of the works of Alfons Mucha.

The foldable shopping bag in the timeless design by Alfons Mucha will make you look amazing even with a large purchase. This practical bag is reusable and will become your everyday helper. The bag is folded into a small pouch, which when unfolded serves as a storage space for various small items.

What will you enjoy about it?

- Takes up little space in your handbag
- Provides enough space for a large purchase
- Always close at hand
- It is reusable
- In trendy motifs
- Has long, wide enough ears to hang on the shoulder


SKU: A-7485
EAN: 8595054274856
Dimension (B×H×T): 450 x 725
Obermaterial: 100% polyester // 190D

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