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Antibacterial face mask - adults Kateřina Winterová collection

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Antibacterial drape in beige from the collection of Kateřina Winterová.

The drape was made of microfibers with silver ions. Scientific research has proven the effectiveness of the ions on more than 650 types of viruses. The constant presence of silver ions in the active layer, which are gradually released during the use of the drape, causes them to adhere to the cell membrane of the bacteria or virus. Silver ions inhibit the secretion of enzymes necessary for the multiplication and development of microorganisms and neutralise them. They disrupt their DNA and gradually kill them without any effect on the human body.

- They limit fungal reproduction by increasing the production of reactive oxygen species.
- They also protect against allergens, pollen and smog.
- Pleasant breathable material that dries quickly.
- The drape can be washed repeatedly at 60°C.
- Do not iron.
- The drape does not contain nanofibres.


SKU: A-30460
EAN: 8595689304607
Dimension (B×H×T): 170 x 120
Lizenz: Kateřina Winterová Collection
Obermaterial: 91% Polyester, 9% Polyurethane
Farbe: beige

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